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Congratulations!  You have reached the only website containing the plain and simple truth about Sunday collection embezzlements, an evil to which any church that passes a collection basket or plate can easily fall prey.  Indeed, as you read this, such crimes are occurring weekly at many churches whose pastors and/or congregations are unaware they are occurring.  Your church could well be one of them. 

It is important to note that the originator of this website neither seeks nor accepts any monetary payment for the information and guidelines that are available at no cost for any and all who dare to follow through.  We emphasize “dare” because our experience has shown that people who are uncomfortable being in the position of having to confront and address unacceptable situations are likely to shy away from the truly exceptional opportunity presented by this website.

This website is divided into two sections.  The first section (Must-read Articles) provides access to two articles that graphically illustrate the deteriorated state of fiscal accountability within the American Catholic Church.  Included in those articles are several embezzlement case histories which, while involving only Catholic churches, can occur at any church that relies principally on the so-called Honor System to secure and protect its revenue



to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops


Must-read Articles


The Why and How


A Tribute to

Voice of the Faithful


2017 Study by Voice of the Faithful shows 80% of all U.S. dioceses fail to adequately protect their primary source of income.

Indeed, the cited cases illustrate not only the existence and monetary impact of such embezzlements, but also the fact that no one is immune to the temptation presented by the lack of adequate financial safeguards, a condition that prevails at most Christian churches even today.

The second and most important section (The Why and How) summarizes the rationale for establishing a secure Sunday collection system, and provides a detailed description of the equipment and procedures needed to accomplish that highly desirable objective.  Again, this information is absolutely FREE for the taking and, since February of 2001, also includes practical guidelines for effectively securing the disbursements side of a church’s financial operations.

This website has no identity traps, cookies or registration requirements; your visit and any download you decide to make are totally anonymous from beginning to end.  All sections of this website are accessible via the Menu Bar at the top of this page.  Before you proceed, however, we suggest you bookmark this page in your browser’s directory of favorite websites.

Any questions or comments you might wish to direct to the author or designer of this website may be transmitted via either of the two hyperlinks shown at the bottom of this page.

May God bless your efforts toward eliminating unnecessary temptation to sin and ensuring the financial well-being of your church, parish or diocese.

P.S.  In June 2016, a well-deserved tribute to the mission and work of Voice of the Faithful, a non-profit organization of lay Catholics, was added to this website.  You are cordially invited to read that tribute by clicking on the hyperlink at the top left side of this page.  In addition, the report of a 2017 study conducted by Voice of the Faithful of the websites of the 177 U.S. territorial arch/dioceses is also available via a separate hyperlink in the same location. The purpose of VOTF’s study was to assess the financial transparency of the U.S. arch/dioceses as reflected by the contents of their websites.



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