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The two articles available for download at this site were published in the September 2003 and October 2005 issues of the New Oxford Review. The first article was written after it became apparent to the author that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) adamantly refuses to consider any concerted measures that would provide an effective level of security over Sunday collection funds nationwide. 


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A Catholic Perspective on Fiscal Accountability

The second article complements the first, graphically illustrating that the presence of a truly secure Sunday collection does not ipso facto guarantee that a parish is immune from other types of embezzlement.

I had intended to author a third article that would place responsibility for the absence of uniformly secure procedures squarely in the lap of the USCCB.  At some point, however, it became apparent that articles such as the two accessible below, while certainly informative, cannot reach a wide enough audience to motivate the USCCB to effect the change that is so desperately needed.  Consequently, I undertook to author a full-length book - NONFEASANCE - for the third and final component of my trilogy.  The book is now available online and through booksellers such as Barnes & Noble.

Readers will quickly recognize that the USCCB’s refusal to act in this matter (as authorized by Canon Law) has led an untold but significant number of clergy and lay persons to repeatedly commit the sin of theft, resulting in the loss of tens of millions of dollars annually.

The two articles may be downloaded by clicking on the respective cover images which are reproduced below.  Once you have downloaded the articles (deemed essential reading for all who wish to fully understand the depth and breadth of the problem), you are cordially invited to visit the remaining section of this website  -  The Why & How of Internal Security  - which is accessible via the menu bar above.