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The Why & How of Internal Security


Attention: Church Pastors, Parish Managers,

Diocesan Officials and Concerned Laity

We are proud to provide a free download of our comprehensive Sunday collection security guidelines and related forms for any and all visitors interested in the financial well-being of their church or diocese.


Do the guidelines really work, you ask?  The Archdiocese of Chicago certainly believes they do, having codified and implemented them archdiocese-wide in 2005.  The National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management (NLRCM) also believes the guidelines are effective, having posted the Chicago guidelines as their one and only recommended “Best Practice” for handling Sunday collections.


Here’s what one high-ranking prelate recently (April 2012) said about the guidelines:

I have implemented what you have tirelessly recommended in both of the dioceses where I have been privileged to serve.  . . . several parishes reported an immediate increase in reported offertory. 


Regarding the moral ramifications of inadequately protected collections which, at this writing, constitute the majority of dioceses and parishes, that same prelate had this to say:

As you point out in your book, the failure to adopt effective collection security measures is truly a ‘sin of omission’.


That prelate’s refreshing candor underscores the fact that Sunday collection security is not just a matter of dollars and cents, but is also inextricably tied to the Church’s mission to protect and save souls.


Since February 2001, this website has also provided (free of charge) a download entitledGuidelines for Securing a Church’s Financial Operations.” Those guidelines explain (in layman’s terms) how to protect revenue after it has been properly deposited into the parish’s bank account. When combined with the Sunday collection guidelines, this duo provides virtually everything a pastor, parish manager or other responsible party needs to elevate their church’s financial operations from what, in all probability, they presently are - vulnerable to attack from several directions - to the state of being virtually impervious to surreptitious theft and embezzlement.


Before you proceed to the download page via the adjacent menubar, we suggest you read each of our pages, starting with the Introduction.  This will give you a better grasp of the issue of Sunday collection security and, thus, a better basis for making an informed judgement about whether or not to proceed with the download.  If you’d like a short primer on the topic of Sunday collection security, or would like to alert your pastor or fellow parishioners to the issue, CLICK HERE to download a PowerPoint show that can be viewed at your leisure and emailed to any and all you feel might benefit from the knowledge and insight it contains.


Whatever you decide, know that you have our very best wishes for every success as you strive to prepare your church or diocese for the fiscal challenges it presently faces or will likely encounter in the future.